Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here's to 2010

Greetings, Gentle readers! We are almost half way through the canon, and I have to say that this project has been even more rewarding than I'd hoped it would be. The friendships that are building through our monthly gatherings, the insight into Shakespeare's development as a writer and the awe that his poetry inspires makes Shakespeare Allowed! one of my favorite things to do.

In February we will be starting a second monthly reading at the Brentwood library. If you miss the gathering on the 1st Saturday, come on down to Brentwood on the 3rd Saturday and catch up with us!

I'd like to initiate a social gathering after each Nashville reading (4p-6p the 1st Saturday of each month)--a time to discuss the plays we've read, get to know each other better and share news of local theater and literary happenings and other artful events. Where do you suggest we go to have some food and drink and share conversation? Email me or make a suggestion here.

See you Saturday for Henry the Fourth Part One, in which we'll once again have the pleasure of the company of Sir John Falstaff and where we'll meet the dashing young Prince Hal.

Happy New Year, Friends. =Denice


Dave Daniels said...

Hey, Denice, do you plan to read the same play at both meetings?

Denice said...

Yes, Dave! We will start in February at the Brentwood library with Henry the Fourth Part Two. That way, if anybody misses the reading at one place or the other, they can catch up at the other place. ...right? We are keeping to the chronological order than Ann Jenalie Cook, the admired Shakespearean scholar, has set for us. Once we get to the end of the cannon, the plan is to start over!
As geeky as it sounds, I'm excited about reading each play twice. Once is never enough, and I'm sure that I'll pick up a lot more about each play by hearing it read again 2 weeks later. Are you thinking about attending in Brentwood?

Dave Daniels said...

I might. It's good to know if I miss one I can catch the other, and I'm with you on the re-readings.