Saturday, March 20, 2010

Much Ado about Nothing?

On Saturday, March 27th, we will gather to read Shakespeare's delightful comedy, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING at the Brentwood City Library on Concord Rd. We'll be in the Children's Reading room--a WONDROUS place--and it should be a delightful time. I'm musing about the correlations between MUCH ADO and LOVE'S LABOR'S. Benedict and Berowne are very similar characters, as are Beatrice and Rosaline. We read LLL in May of 2009, and since we're reading these plays in a suggested order of when they were written, it appears that Beatrice and Benedict are the products of a later stage of Shakespeare's writing. Wittier, more in sync, deeper and even more human than the previous creations. I think their match is a good one and their marriage will succeed. Not so sure about Berowne and Ros.

The next few months of Shakespeare Allowed are exciting--AS YOU LIKE IT, followed by JULIUS CAESAR followed by HAMLET.
Great plays, good times!

Join us! It's fun. =Denice
p.s. Does anybody have any ideas about where a good place to socialize after the readings might be? Downtown Nashville--within walking distance of the library--food/drinks/not too loud? Let me know and we'll start going April 3! =D